Cold Saws

High productivity and accuracy with extraordinary surface finishes

MASTER-CUT Saws offers innovative, high-speed cold saws that provide continuous operation during long run production jobs.

From the programmable user-friendly touch screen control, auto-loading table, chip conveyor to the auto-sorting parts chute that separates the remnants and trim pieces from your production parts, these saws will save you time, money, and valuable resources.

Precise, high speed cutting with a Cold Saw
Precision, speed and repeatability are everything when you need to cut metal. Our saw blade movement and material bar feed system are both controlled by servo motors combined with precision ball screws. These precision motion systems combined with a floating shuttle table, full-stroking vise jaws and electro-magnetic brake system ensure optimum sawing quality and blade life long into the future. The cold saws we offer include:

  • CS-275A Automatic Cold Saw (2.75″ Rounds) (2.125″ x 2.125″ Square)
  • CS-400A Automatic Cold Saw (4″ Rounds) (3.15″ x 3.15″ Square)
  • CS-600A Automatic Cold Saw (6″ Rounds) (4.15″ x 4.15″ Square)
  • CS-900A Automatic Cold Saw (9″ Rounds) (6.3″ x 6.3″ Square)

*All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics shown are subject to change without prior notice.

Contact us for assistance in determining the right saw for your needs. We proudly serve customers throughout North America.